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Behold My Phantasms!

judesart asked: Hi! I just fell on your blog and I m impressed! I would like to know if you ve had any art studies and if this what you do for living... Have you published any comic or fairytale?


Hi Jude, Thank you for your message and kind words. The only art study I’ve had, apart from school, was a one year art and design course at my local college. I would love to do this for a living but, as of yet, I’m working part-time.

I haven’t published anything yet but I’m working on it.

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doodleparty asked: Your work is incredible! Just stunning!


Wow, thanks so much!! …… and cheers for the follow.

— 1 month ago
isthisurlavailable asked: Hey there, I love your drawing titled, 'Drifter Doodle 12'. I was wondering if anything specific sparked your inspiration to create it? It reminds me of a level in a playstation one game called 'Pandemonium!" :)


Hello, can I start with saying I’m SO sorry for the lack of a response to your question the last few week have been a bit hectic.

To finally answer your question there was not really a spark, more of a shuffle throught a dull fog when drawing ‘drifter doodle 12’. I just needed to move the plot along and set the stairs out correctly to tie in with the last Drifter Doodle.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and I’ll try and answer your future questions with a bit more haste.

— 4 months ago

The Trick (coloured)

So I’ve finally finished screen printing colour into this comic.


I’ll be posting them on my Etsy store shortly, if anyone is interested…

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